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    My name is Sheryl Jones and I live in Depoe Bay, OR. I was born and raised in Arizona; and have lived all over the United States. 

    I have been carving gourds for over 15 years, I have won many awards at gourd shows, art exhibits and fairs. I do have a “real” job as a computer consultant so I  work on my gourds every evening and through the weekends. I find the carving work to be very calming 

    My Medium

    My pallet is a gourd.  I carve the image on the gourd, then wood burn the image giving it detail.  I use oil pastel pencils and gourd dyes to color the gourds                                                 

    What is a Gourd

     A gourd is a fruit from the family Cucurbitaceae. It is closely related to a pumpkin. They are green when ripe and if opened as soon as they are ripe have a meat or pulp similar to a pumpkin, however the pulp is very bitter tasting and is not good to eat.  


    Gourds have been used since ancient times as musical instruments, masks, utensils, plates, and to carry water. They grow in many different shapes and sizes from the size of a tennis ball to 5 – 6 foot in height and 4 foot in diameter.  


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    For more information on purchasing a carved gourds or more information on a specific gourd contact me at Sheryl@sassygourds.com

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